For nearly two decades, CaliforniaBeachFeet has been capturing the natural beauty of bare feet in motion.

CBF is a celebration of feet, footwear, attitude, and style - capturing the essence of the human spirit in a way that is both powerful and subtle, poignant and inspiring.

Feet serve as a canvas for individual expression, showcasing the wide range of shapes and sizes, reminding us that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, even challenging preconceived notions of attractiveness.

The models featured in these images are from all walks of life, ranging from young and carefree to seasoned and wise, from students to celebrities, to tourists and random strangers who stopped to pose spontaneously in the moment.

From sneakers and boots, to high heels and sandals, the unique footwear and fashion choices of each model enhances the overall aesthetic of the collection and serves to illustrate the individuality of each woman through their feet.

The rawness and authenticity of the images make them at once captivating and intimate, creating a sense of connection between the viewer and the subject, reminding us of the power of the human form to tell a story.

What also makes this collection stand out is the way in which the feet are portrayed. They are not simply objects of desire, but rather a means of expressing a sense of sensuality and grace.

The poses and angles highlight the way in which the feet interact with the environment and the body, creating a sense of movement and flow that is visually stunning. The carefully curated nature of the collection adds to its allure.

A celebration of the feet as a symbol of beauty, sensuality, and confidence, with each image exuding a certain energy, attitude, and emotion that can be felt through the screen.

From flip flops to stilettos, and the diversity of the feet that wear them - unpolished and raw - captured with cutting edge photography that brings out every curve, wrinkle, and nuance of something so often taken for granted.

CaliforniaBeachFeet highlights each model in a way that feels larger than life, but perhaps what's most impressive about this collection is the sheer scale of it.

Through 19 years of dedicated work, CaliforniaBeachFeet has become the world's largest collection of its kind, earning a cult following of enthusiasts around the world, capturing the hearts and minds of people globally with his incredible work.

In the foot community, CaliforniaBeachFeet has become something of an urban legend, with many long time fans eagerly anticipating each new update.

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